Greater Western Plumbing can save you lots of money over the large plumbing companies.

We have no doubt that we are the most affordable, licensed, Denver plumber out there. We do this by working hard to find you the best prices on materials, not marking them up a lot, and keeping our overhead low.

We typically charge 75 dollars an hour for our services, and no visit fee.  We also offer free bids on big jobs so that you know before we start what the job will cost you!

For some smaller jobs, we do have some standard costs with no hourly fees.

Installing a new water heater – $279  plus the cost of the hot water heater.  We have done really well with this deal.  It even gives you the option to purchase your own hot water heater from one of the big box stores.  Other plumbing companies mark up their purchases 15-35 percent!

$279 – Labor and Materials

$550 – for a hot water heater that you purchase

Total Cost is $829 dollars

Other Plumbing Companies

$300 – $750 Labor and Materials

$550 + their 30% markup (165) = $715

Total Cost is $1015 – $1465

We love when you price shop. It makes us look and feel good!We can usually give you the quotes right over the phone, so give us a call and let's talk about your plumbing issues!